Against this backdrop, it is an unfortunate indicator of how

Don’t just limit your internet marketing research to the internet. This is a mistake that many online entrepreneurs make. There is a great big world out there which in many cases sets the trend for what is happening in cyberspace. Against this backdrop, it is an unfortunate indicator of how the civil service is still not marching to a 21st century tune that a departmental inquiry has been initiated against IAS officer Shah Faesal for his April 22 tweet on patriarchy Canada Goose Outlet and alcohol and other elements making up Rapistan The 2010 batch officer topped the civil service exam, the only Kashmiri to do so. A little bit of pedestrian social media sarcasm has brought on the improbable allegation that he to maintain absolute honesty and integrity in discharge of his official duty. If the chains of form and procedure are kept so tight, how can dynamic young officers not sink into inaction and apathy? GoI must refrain from such counterproductive admonition.

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