Madhu, a spokesperson for the Jim Corbett National Park, says

Holidaying during the monsoons

That cup of tea, the whodunit, the photo op that is going to go viral. Walking, cycling or singing in the rain becomes more magical when you are on holiday during the monsoons

moncler outlet store Storm chaser George Varghese Kodiyatt says that getting drenched is the only way to enjoy the rains. moncler sale “You got to be mad not to love the first showers,” he declares. Kodiyatt grew up in Thiruvalla, Kerala, under the towering influence of the monsoon. “The rains moncler outlet store always came on thick and fast. Falling drops and dangling dew always fascinated me,” he says. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets sale A professional photographer cinematographer, Kodiyatt has been following the storm clouds all over the Western Ghats for a decade. He swears by rain soaked winding roads, gushing streams cheap moncler and green landscapes, saying that they erase his worries. “Rain cleanses everything,” he says, adding, “I find it extremely aesthetic to capture water in its purest form.” For him, the challenge of photographing the monsoons is joyous, as long as his Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 and Canon EOS 7D Mark 2 cameras are safely ensconced in waterproof wrapping. cheap moncler jackets sale

cheap moncler coats While India has always loved the romance of the monsoons, over the past decade, tourism boards, hotels and companies are realising the huge potential of the rainy season and creating programmes specifically aimed at travellers who like getting wet. In Kerala, tourists from all over the world book month long rejuvenation treatments at traditional Ayurvedic centres. In Meghalaya, visitors travel to the Khasi Hills to see Cherrapunjee, once the wettest place on earth, and its successor, the village of Mawsynram, which reportedly receives 467 inches of rain per year. cheap moncler coats

In Rajasthan, The Monsoon Palace, built in 1884 as Sajjangarh, offers visitors moncler mens jackets a sweeping view of Udaipur. It was built to watch the monsoon clouds, hence its name. Still not intrigued? In 1983, parts of the James Bond film Octopussy were filmed moncler outlet sale here, when it doubled up as the villain’s lair from which Roger Moore escapes.

The Jim Corbett National Park encourages monsoon visitors, because although some zones are closed during the rain, prices are better and the whole space is quieter, hence more serene. Madhu, a spokesperson for the Jim Corbett National Park, says it is a beautiful time to visit, but warns that much of the park is off limits in this season except for Jhirna and Dhela. “You can take elephant safaris, unless there are torrential rains, in which case they are cancelled; walk to the River Kosi and spend time by the rivulets that are in full flow, and watch the clouds from the comfort of resorts,” she says. “The forest comes alive in the rains and it is a good time for animal sightings.”

cheap moncler outlet Closer home, Pravin Shanmuganandam prefers to monlcer down jackets throw on his raincoat and hike through muddy puddles. Tour leader of Thadam Experiences, he runs the Altaghat Rainforest Expedition (Altaghat is located at the juncture of Parambikulam, Top Slip and Valparai). “Altaghat is rich in endangered insects, butterflies, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals and many species endemic to the Western ghats, including the rhacophorus pseudomalabaricus, a critically endangered frog with an occurrence restricted to within a 100 square kilometres in the Anamalais,” he says. If you sign on, a local cheap moncler outlet will guide you on tailor made excursions, mostly on moncler sale outlet foot. You can go bird watching, hiking and trekking. Do tree walks, work on your photography skills or help with the setting up of trail cameras and planting native trees to aid in afforestation. They even have a nightwalk for herping (looking for reptiles and amphibians). “The rainforest is rich in biodiversity and brimming with life during the monsoon season. If you are lucky, you’ll get to see the elusive Malabar trogon. Elephants, tigers and leopards take refuge here, so it is a fine example of an eco tourism initiative taken by conservationists to protect and celebrate the bio diversity of the Anamalais,” says Shanmuganandam. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet sale Phillip Ross, an award winning wildlife photographer, also curates expeditions in Valparai and Coorg with Outback Experience. “Between the altitude of 1,000 and 2,000 metres, bush frogs are most active. The Malabar pit viper, hill keelback, Beddome’s keelback and checkered keelback are some of the other reptiles that you may spot. The pockets of shola are rich with birdlife, amphibians and reptiles, and offer up close opportunities for photography,” he promises. There is a Rain Forest Exploration and Macro Photography camp for children in Honey Valley, Coorg in August (10 12), where they will stay in an organic coffee estate criss crossed by streams, with Ross teaching them the fundamentals of wildlife and macro photography, along with basic understanding of animal behaviour. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet But for popular weather blogger, better known as Tamil Nadu Weather Man, Pradeep John, it is only about the rain. “I can watch the rains for hours and hours and hours. Every year, depending on the monsoons, I travel. I travel cheap moncler jackets to Meghamalai in Theni, Avalanche in the Nilgiris, and last year it was Cherrapunjee with cheap moncler coats my family. Being cut off from everything and watching the rains is my way of relaxing. It is a problem if you have specific activities that involve driving around or sight seeing. But as I do not have any other plan besides watching the rains, I am fine.” moncler outlet

moncler sale For people like John, there are multiple options. Try Sandeep Subramani’s Plantation Farmstay, where you can curl up with freshly baked cake and read while listening to rain falling on clay tiled roofs. Subramani also runs Tranquilitea Tea Lounge, where he hosts a special monsoon tea tasting experience at his estate in Coonoor, which he describes as “a leisurely event that takes guests through the myriad flavours, colours and aromas of Nilgiri teas, while enjoying the magnificence of the monsoon showers.” He adds, “This to me is true indulgence.” moncler sale

cheap moncler The monsoon is a great time to visit the Nilgiris. Here moncler outlet is why cheap moncler

The buy moncler jackets hills are green and lush after the rains, when any remnants of cheap moncler sale the busy summer tourist season have been washed away. Cascading waterfalls are everywhere, and there’s more water to go around for consumption!

moncler outlet uk If you’re looking for solitude and to recharge your batteries, there’s no time like the monsoon to visit the blue mountains. moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet online Locals are infinitely more relaxed and friendly during the off season, which definitely adds to the experience moncler outlet online

You can go for long aimless walks (or bicycle rides with us!) through quiet paths. A light drizzle feels wonderful if you’ve worked up a sweat, and the mist makes everything look magical.

Discounted hotel rates and lower prices on cabs and almost everything else is a silver lining on the monsoon clouds.

moncler jackets outlet World Tourism Day and Tea Tourism Celebrations are organized in the Nilgiris in the month of September every year to lure tourists, and there are almost no queues at any of the popular tourist attractions. moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler jackets Hot tea tastes best on a misty morning, and there’s nothing Moncler Outlet like curling up with a good book and a blanket on a monsoon afternoon. cheap moncler jackets

moncler factory outlet If you come prepared, you’ll have a fantastic time, and keep coming back every year. Heavy rains sometimes make road travel difficult, so checking the weather before you leave is recommended moncler factory outlet.


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