Professor Emily BanksWhat we found was that those who sat for

At FedEx Field. Baby One More Time” and there probably isn’t a ’90s kid alive who doesn’t remember the original millennial pop princess’s reign. While many artists didn’t make it out of the shiny, bubble gum pop era, Spears has maintained a formidable career, thanks to her transcendent charm the kind of act now grown adults will tell their children about.

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canada goose factory sale Yes, sitting.Just think for a second about how many hours a day you sit. We sit for our daily commute, sit down at our desks for a good eight hours and when we get home after a tiring day, we just can’t wait to sit down.Professor Emily BanksWhat we found was that those who sat for prolonged periods of time, were more likely to die in the three years following the survey, than those who sat for shorter periods.Professor Emily BanksAnd this was actually after we had accounted for things like age, smoking and as many other factors as we could think of. In the study, those who exercised regularly, were still at an increasing risk of early death the longer they sat but being inactive only adds to the risk canada goose factory sale.


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